THOUGHT thinking itself thinking


Why is so hard to escape the VICTIM Space?

It really is, one of the greatest challenges of this time (not to mention in past times) to overcome, on the way to TRUE FREEDOM.


Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York
Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York
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We pretend we are ok. But we are NOT. Deep wounds (in our minds, in our DNA) divide us. Such as: Historical wounds—either true or false (counterfeit) claims over something, over some type of event or another. We don’t respect each other for real. How could we respect each other for real, as long as we continuously exist in fear…?

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Even though in its early days, make no mistakes: this is a NEW ERA. A new era in AWARENESS. But if you’ve been “down here” for quite some time now, you might already feel lost, tired, exhausted, to identify that; because of what you see, what you experience. You are not ALONE. This isn’t an easy journey.

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One of the most common and debilitating issues of our current times, is something called IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. The causes, the reasons for why this is showing up in most people’s lives, remains for most, still a mystery.


So how did we get here? How has this thing been created?


It starts in the family. When the parent doesn’t recognize, or refuses to recognize the AUTONOMY/AUTHORITY of the CHILD over one’s mind. Especially, when the child already displays (a great deal of) DISCERNMENT about what’s “good” or/and “bad.” Or at least, what that family/society deems as that.

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What a VAST and fascinating concept IDENTITY is… Life is moving at an ever increased pace, each day, each moment. As if nothing can STAND in ITS WAY. Like a TSUNAMI that mercilessly washes away/dislocates everything and everyone that comes in contact with. That’s what ASCENSION is/does in many ways; now at an alarming high rate. It’s something that doesn’t make sense for most people. It’s downright FRIGHTENING; because it’s severs the ties with the old world/reality, and as a result, forces one to break out of the little box of I/I AM. The small I, the small IDENTITY from "down here" is being forced out. It's being PURGED..

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Forgiveness. Seems like such an easy thing to do… Only, it’s not. Especially, when one experiences THINGS/EVENTS far, far, far beyond his/her level of mental/emotional tolerance and is being pushed not just over the proverbial edge, but sent into zones where you feel like your soul is breaking, like your entire being is being shattered into millions of tiny bits. (Talking from experience here.) What to do then? What do you do, when you don’t think it’s possible to forgive others (or/and yourself), because that space doesn’t exist inside you? What then? How do you put yourself back together and create that space of forgiveness? How do you forgive when you don’t want to, anymore?

There is magic everywhere...
There is magic everywhere...
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TRUE Intimacy

A common misconception, when it comes to romantic love, is that somehow the sexual union represents TRUE/ultimate Intimacy. Actually, “down here,” and in most cases, things could not be further from the true. Abuse, sexual misery, domestic violence (mostly towards women)—still very common around the world—and empty sexual encounters, is more like the actual reality.

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We live through TRULY EXTRAORDINARY TIMES. And good and bad, are both included in the mix. What is taking place at this very moment, is an important DEMARCATION Point. Certain uncomfortable TRUTHS can't be denied anymore. They just showed up as if unannounced, yet, they were foretold, only to be ignored continuously by most until now.

Quarantine time doesn't have to be dull. I'm always surrounded by color and happy things to do/watch.
Quarantine time doesn't have to be dull. I'm always surrounded by color and happy things to do/watch.
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Personal Will vs. Higher Order

For quite some time now, in the "spiritual universe," one of the most common/prevalent ideas is that: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. Which is TRUE. However, (and now comes the big BUT) the thing you want to do/achieve/experience is in direct correlation with your current level of energy/awareness. And that can lead to all sort of things... Good things, as well as less than that-which is the case most of the time. And now comes the big question. Why is that? ...Because this idea of being UNLIMITED and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, doesn't come attached to a HIGHER ORDER of things.

...Because it's the LIGHT that is guiding us through and out of the DARKNESS...
...Because it's the LIGHT that is guiding us through and out of the DARKNESS...
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I guess the subject of knowing oneself remains even today, something enveloped in deep mystery. One important cause being that knowing oneself is actually an ongoing process, that changes with every new thought that alters the definitions you have about yourself, about your identity. Although the very essence behind all of these definitions is UNCHANGEABLE. Which is another paradox.

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The PARADOX of Limits

We've arrived at the end of a SPECIAL year. With so much transformation, and things that have defied the odds, and broken the limits and barriers of this dying reality making space for the NEW ONE to gently, yet firmly, take form. It hasn't been easy... Yet, the inner (individual/collective) work has been THAT THING which has made all the difference. Without challenging all those hidden, DARK CORNERS inside ourselves, none of it would have been really possible.

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We live in a reality where humanity has forgotten its roots. Its BEGINNINGS. Due to MASSIVE loss of energy, alterations and manipulations throughout TIME. And only now, at the dawn of FREEDOM, it will begin to once again remember its LOST HISTORY. Will finally begin to claim its POWER, regain CONSCIOUSNESS.  And with that remember the power of WORDS, of LANGUAGE.

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Manifesting what exactly?

We all (at least the people on this path) heard about the Law of Attraction, about its power and the mechanism of manifestation. And that's a wonderful thing. A useful, practical and empowering tool. Though, in the rush of "fixing" our lives from this perspective, most of us will not take into account a HIGHER ORDER of things. Which demands a different course of action. A different mindset.

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Being on Purpose

Hello everyone!!! Long time no see. Sorry about being so sporadic around here. But, as I've been mentioning a few times before...priorities need to be handled first. I hope you are all doing great, and moving forward with the brilliant energy that is changing EVERYTHING. Being/choosing HAPPY  and LIGHT is of the utmost importance now. Which brings me (in a way) to the topic I felt inspired to expand on a bit. Of being on purpose.

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Your Body is your Temple

Long time no see, over here! Sorry about that. At the moment, Book 2 in the series, demands a lot of my time/energy/attention/etc. I'm sure you get that. That being said, last night I went to the cinema and watched "Arrival" which in an "unexpected" way, relates to things I've been experiencing myself for quite some time now, which I shared a bit, in previous videos. More in the future. Anyhow... Great Film. It was so rewarding to finally (again) see something out there that shares quite a few relevant ideas (bites of truths). Go watch it NOW!!! ;)

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40 days (solids-free)

In the last three months I kind of disappeared into my own world for very good and useful reasons. Though, fortunately I managed to post a few bits and bobs here on my website. So what's this mysterious thing/activity that needed my undivided attention? I really don't know how to label this other than: 40 days without solids.

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Quiet Power

I think maybe two weeks ago (or so) I read a little book called "Quiet Power" by Susan Cain. Though originally I wanted to buy "Quiet" (by the same author), the one I  purchased (I guess the nicer cover was to blame ;)...haha) is intended at kids/teens/parents. But no matter, no regrets. It was a quick, easy read, though filled with great reminders. Which I would like to share a few with you. 

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A little thing called CODING

Almost a year ago, something completely unexpected, yet wonderful entered my life. That thing is CODING. And you probably wonder how that happened. I myself still am in awe of how that came to be. By the way, a while ago, actually right in the early beginning of my coding journey I made a video called GIRLS WHO CODE on my main Youtube channel telling you all about it. So I was thinking, that it was time to give you an update. In the form of a blog post, for sure in the future, I will make a video as well.

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A day full of color

I've been meaning to write this blog post for some time  now. However, due to all sort of day-to-day life/work situations, only now I finally found the time and energy to share with you an incredibly beautiful and happy day. Even if it was a while ago. In April to be exact.

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After a rough night and morning (and by rough I mean fighting with unseen stuff, as part of the distorsion...) something wonderful and unexpected happened.

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God Mind

Definitely this Spring carries such a strong energy. I am already overwhelmed (in a positive sense) by how much I get done, even when I feel like I have a million obstacles that day. In a sense I feel this is a return to my childhood time. Or even before my former depression. Since I know myself, I've always had abundant sources of energy, to do anything. To create. To make things. To make things happen.

Though this photo was taken last spring, I felt it was worth sharing.

I think now I started to like spring more than before.

Before, autumn was the favorite, followed by winter. Most probably this new preference, has to do with my own journey of transformation and renewal.

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A little poem

Yesterday was a great day. Plus is was a portal day: 04:04. Lots of energy coming in, dissolving more limitations/blockages/etc.

So I was inspired to do some sketching, which I did, and called the first drawing: "Broken Heart Mending." Turns out, the little drawing was telling me today that it wants to explain itself through words. That I should write a poem. Which I haven't written one, since I got out of my depression almost four years ago.

So here it is:


"Broken Heart Mending"

                             by Ana-Maria Theis


Fragments of a broken RAINBOW,

Wisper in silence, a message.

Union. They say.

Peace.Everything. All. IS here and now.

Sing with us, so we can return HOME.


Until next time have a fabulous day, and be kind with one another!!!



text © 2016 Ana-Maria Theis