TRUE Intimacy

A common misconception, when it comes to romantic love, is that somehow the sexual union represents TRUE/ultimate Intimacy. Actually, “down here,” and in most cases, things could not be further from the true. Abuse, sexual misery, domestic violence (mostly towards women)—still very common around the world—and empty sexual encounters, is more like the actual reality.

We all look for LOVE, to live/experience it in its various forms. Because that’s HOME. But the way we love or we are being loved, is in direct relation to the level of ENERGY/LIGHT one has at any given moment. That level translates into various beliefs/ideas/concepts/expectations which define/color one’s experience. And when you add to that EQUATION, the factor of DISTORTION (the “virus” of this reality), well, things can get a little, or more tricky.


Out there, most people/couples, even though they experience the sexual act, don’t really get to feel/experience TRUE Intimacy. Which is beyond sexual. It actually starts inside you. As you begin to accrete more energy, and you start to see more of who you are (your true nature-THE CORE of your BEING), you understand how IMPORTANT that SPACE is. Because in that SPACE TRUE UNION can/will take place. Here is where you “marry” both aspects of oneself, the MALE and the FEMALE. Here is where you learn to integrate both sides. So that when you do enter a relationship (as you prepare before, internally, for the HIGHEST EXPRESSION(s)…sometimes translated as “the one,” or “twin flame”), you have created the conditions for that encounter to take place and be a TRUE EXPRESSION of INTIMACY.  As you allow yourself to SEE the other for what they really are, and vice versa. It's a safe place to be/feel vulnerable. It’s a place where you both feel safe/comfortable/understood/accepted/respected/loved

You are then not just to halves anymore, you are two WHOLE Expressions of SOURCE coming together to experience something greater than themselves individually. You come together to tell a STORY.


FRIENDSHIP is the base—the SOLID foundation—to build upon long lasting, meaningful relationships. Even romantic ones. When you have that, TRUE INTIMACY can flourish in that particular relationship. It ELEVATES everything. It adds layers. And if/when the time comes to experience INTIMATE LOVE, is for the purpose of expressing/experiencing the INTENSITY of LOVE. It becomes a place where you SURRENDER into that which has no form, no boundaries. You simply go HOME (for a short while). ;-) And come back changed.

Though, LOVE above a certain level (of energy point/accretion) is experienced beyond what’s understood “down here,” as SEXUALITY. As a matter a fact, people that consider themselves as asexual/demisexual are walking the face of this earth as we speak. Which means, things are changing.


To TRULY know yourself you’ll need to create a lot of SPACE INSIDE you. But all the while, you will need CONTRAST to discover what you like/prefer or don’t. 


Until next time, be kind to yourself and others, 💗




text/photo © 2020 Ana-Maria Theis 

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    Raluca (Friday, 20 November 2020 22:04)

    Beautiful post and flowers <3! The colors are simply amazing <3! Much love to you <3!

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    anamariatheis (Friday, 20 November 2020 22:07)

    Thank you Raluca!!!��☀���� lots of love back!!!�����✨

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    Raluca (Friday, 20 November 2020 22:31)

    Same to you ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������!