One of the most common and debilitating issues of our current times, is something called IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. The causes, the reasons for why this is showing up in most people’s lives, remains for most, still a mystery.


So how did we get here? How has this thing been created?


It starts in the family. When the parent doesn’t recognize, or refuses to recognize the AUTONOMY/AUTHORITY of the CHILD over one’s mind. Especially, when the child already displays (a great deal of) DISCERNMENT about what’s “good” or/and “bad.” Or at least, what that family/society deems as that.


So when the parent doesn’t acknowledge the CAPABILITY of the child of distinguishing that, or the fact that they ARE BEING RESPONSIBLE for the actions/decision they make, they DISRESPECT the child.

The DISRESPECT towards the child can be something small like: not taking the child serious when he/she communicates certain ideas/needs/problems that are important/relevant to them. And whatever he/she says is being dismissed—he/she is treated “like a child.” In the worst case, that disrespect can manifest as verbal or/and physical ABUSE/VIOLENCE.


When that DISRESPECT (the disregarding of the MATURITY of the child) starts to occur, and is done CONTINOUSLY, over a long period of time, the consequence of that is LOSS of CONFIDENCE/TRUST in oneself and ultimately in life.


This loss of confidence and trust in oneself generates then, the FEELING of HELPLESSNESSfeeling/being weak/small/insignificant/like you don’t count. Which in turn activates ANXIETY. Feeling anxious, feeling threatened (like your own life is being threatened).

How do we break this vicious cycle?

For that we’d have to first understand that this apparent natural “inclination” for disregarding the autonomy/authority of the child, is an information passed down to us from our ancestors. From very distant times (in the past) when life looked different, and meant different things. It comes from a time (energetically speaking) when FEAR reigned supreme. So the awareness of people back then was shrunken, and DANGER, and DANGEROUS (life threatening) THINGS/EVENTS/SITUATIONS (invasions/wars/natural catastrophes/etc.) was something very, VERY SERIOUS. And the most important thing was: SURVIVAL.


Weak/unreliable members of a community/family, were harshly punished if they failed to take care of their own, or put others in unnecessary danger. So there were all these tests/trials (especially for men) until they proved themselves worthy of the RESPECT of the ELDERS (the holders of knowledge/wisdom).



Today, we don’t need to do that anymore (for the most part). Yet, this is perpetuated and brought into the present time by a thing called DISTORTION (the VIRUS of the old reality). And that has been possible, because of the general energy level (which translates into a certain level of awareness) so far, which has been under the THRESHOLD where something like than can no longer exist. This THRESHOLD, is maintained artificially. There’s a lot of NOISE out there that keep most minds very busy, and losing energy (their own QUANTUM) that could be used to free oneself from all the ILLUSIONS/CONSTRAINTS that maintain these, and other damaging patterns alive.

How does this affect people?

Simply put, they can’t perform/do/be what they want, what they are truly meant to do/be.

They can no longer fully believe in themselves, because of the DAMAGE (and the constant loss of energy) in the background. In this sense and others, most people (if not all) are DYSFUNCTIONAL.


So HOW to repair it?

First step is to become AWARE/CONSCIOUS of that. That this issue exist in oneself. And is communicated to the person(s) that helped create this inside oneself. You have to address the situation(s) that led to that loss of CONFIDENCE/TRUST in oneself. Whether someone did that to you, or you did that to someone else.


Second, is by CORRECTING those ACTIONS that led to that loss of CONFIDENCE/TRUST in oneself. And by THAT CORRECTING, making sure that the person/child/adult affected by it, will be OK.

This is about UNDOING.

See what ACTIONS/WORDS/EVENTS have taken that away from them. And do the OPPOSITE. Not just once. It has to be a CONSTANT thing. Over a long period of time.


This damaging pattern has taken time be build, so now it needs the same: TIME, in order to dissolve it from the MIND.


until next time, be kind to yourself and others,💖💖💖



 text/photo © 2022 Ana-Maria Theis

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    Raluca (Friday, 25 November 2022 13:13)

    Dear Ana,

    Thank you for writing and sharing this great post and photos with us <3.

    Indeed, it's something that has happened to all of us.. which affects us as a whole.

    So, thank you for having the courage to speak out and, say THE TRUTH. Much appreciated as always.

    Much love to you xxx!

  • #2

    anamariatheis (Friday, 25 November 2022 21:08)

    Thank you Raluca!!! <3 ;)
    Have a magical weekend ahead!!! lots of love!!!<3 <3 <3