We pretend we are ok. But we are NOT. Deep wounds (in our minds, in our DNA) divide us. Such as: Historical wounds—either true or false (counterfeit) claims over something, over some type of event or another. We don’t respect each other for real. How could we respect each other for real, as long as we continuously exist in fear…?

We deny humanity in others by staying in small boxes of awareness, shaped by ignorance. Constantly we are fed some kind of FEUD. Old ones (usually historical ones), new ones, artificial ones. Anything that can keep most minds looking OUTSIDE all the time, instead of being FOCUSED on the INSIDE, where it really matters. Where TRUE/much needed CHANGE can take place.


We value or devalue someone/something/countries/nations/etc. based on these FEUDS. Or based on criteria  that have nothing to do with reality. That LACK MATURITY, or/and real understanding of the problem(s). Either on purpose, or by sheer/induced IGNORANCE.


Real dialogue is not opened, as long as there is something to GAIN from a particular matter/FEUD. Usually Money. Power. Both.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Religion, is another big issue, where we don’t see eye to eye with each other. Again, HISTORY, plays a massive role in it. Humanity is not composed of just one group of people, or just one race. Only now, we start to glimpse in awareness of a far BIGGER/LONGER and more COMPLEX HISTORY of humanity. That doesn’t show up in our textbooks, is not taught in schools, and, moreover, is NOT YET really known/understood.

Moments in HISTORY that are still not fully, or really understood.

But we now claim to be “more inclusive” (due to a thing called “political correctness”) of each other’s different, cultural/religious background, when in fact, in the back of most minds, like I said before, HISTORICAL wounds/FEUDS run strongly in the background. And are continuously fed either through local/general media, or through the way things are being done/handled in society (socio-political-economic systems). At the core of this mechanism of propagation, we have the smallest and most efficient cell: the Family. Where one is taught since early on in life, by parents/relatives/friends certain things, certain TRUTHS, or what is believed as “TRUE/TRUTH.”


As long as we fear each other’s beliefs, as long we don’t question, in this case, those RELIGIOUS beliefs/claims that we’ve inherited, what’s really true, and what’s not, what’s harming us to believe (especially in those systems, where women still continue to suffer, are at the mercy of those religious beliefs, even now in the 21th century…) we can’t really expect to be really, or fully INCLUSIVE of each other. INVISIBLE BARRIERS divide us!!!

Political Correctness is another BIG problem. What was meant to be an instrument of correction of certain Historical Events (especially here in the U.S.) has turned into another MONSTER. It’s now simply another tool of CONTROL (FEAR)/CENSORSHIP. But, what’s worse, is that people here who employ this “political correctness,” apply/force it on a GLOBAL SCALE, without DISCERNMENT. As if the whole world, had the same history (path) as the United States. As if the problems that this land had, were to be blamed on the rest of the globe (on other countries/nations that had nothing to do with this particular bit of dark of history). Well, the rest of the globe, that didn’t take part in this bit, has other issues/problems/dramas/traumas to sort through. And they cannot be simply solved by “political correctness.”

DISCRIMINATION doesn’t target only one race, only one gender, only one nation. Millions/billions of people are affected by it, every single day. In various contexts of life. And not only one race is doing it to another. Discrimination happens in all races!!! Inside each race!!! People discriminate against others from within their own racemainly because of HISTORY, because of what has gone in the past…



We live in a time where we are afraid to voice OBJECTIVE TRUTHS, in regards to certain topics/issues—politics, religion, race, rights, etc.—because it’s not politically correct. We can’t question anymore those people/groups/races that were once wronged (historically) but are now in positions of power, and who abuse it just as much, as their predecessors from the other races/groups, because it’s not politically correct


It’s as though we as humanity have forgotten to employ COMMON SENSE to sort through life. Some even say/believe that not everyone has that particular SENSE. And when you take a look around, that seems to be true.


Genuine RESPECT happens when we see/understand one another for who we really are. Acknowledging people’s/one’s DIGNITY is about coming together from a REAL UNDERSTANDING that goes beyond DISTORTIONS/FEUDS/LIES (political/religious/historical/etc.)



Only then, we as HUMANITY can come together.

These are HARD conversations to have! It implies a great deal of MATURITY, which doesn’t really exist at the present moment. It’s just in its forming stages. But it is this GOING IN—looking inside ourselves at our very own wounds and doing the work of clearing and transformation—that creates this MATURITY.

As we start/continue to do this IMMENSE and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY WORK, the space inside ourselves (a.k.a. AWARENESS) grows and more LIGHT (from SOURCE) will show up and will reveal us that there is COMMON GROUND, after all. Which is based on REAL TRUTH, not inherited superstitions, or hate towards others, other countries/nations/communities/etc.



Only then, we as HUMANITY, we will flourish/expand, go beyond what has been, and finally move entirely beyond FEAR.


until next time, be kind to yourself and others,💖💖💖



 text/photo © 2023 Ana-Maria Theis

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    Raluca Joy (Friday, 10 March 2023 22:59)

    Great blog & pictures as always xxx! Thank you writing this and sharing it with us. It makes perfect sense xxx. Much love to you too xxx!

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    anamariatheis (Saturday, 11 March 2023 01:18)

    @Raluca Joy,

    Thank you Raluca!!!<3 <3 <3 Happy that it does!!! lots of love and magical spring ahead!!!<3<3<3