Quiet Power

I think maybe two weeks ago (or so) I read a little book called "Quiet Power" by Susan Cain. Though originally I wanted to buy "Quiet" (by the same author), the one I  purchased (I guess the nicer cover was to blame ;)...haha) is intended at kids/teens/parents. But no matter, no regrets. It was a quick, easy read, though filled with great reminders. Which I would like to share a few with you. 

Why did this particular book (actually the original one "Quiet") catch my attention? Well, as you may know or not, I am a book lover. Actually that's an understatement. Hahaha... Since before I could even read. For me books are little universes where I like to go and explore, and come out changed, transformed and enriched :). So one weekend I was at Cotsco, getting some monthly supplies, and as per usual, I had to stop by the book stand to check out the newest titles, and see if I discovered something interesting.

And of course I did. Though I hadn't intended to buy anything, I was just looking for inspiration and scattered messages of my Higher-Self, to guide me on my journey. So out of the sea of older&new releases, a less than pretty cover draws my attention. It was "Quiet".


I browsed swiftly through, and my eyes landed on a little story about Steve Wosniak from the time before Apple, when he was working on his first PC, from his cubicle at Hewlett-Packard, arriving much earlier than everyone else, using the time  to read engineering magazines, study chip manuals, create designs in his head, and after work, he'd go home to eat, and then come back to his office and work late into the night.


What struck a chord with me, was that he too, is a loner. He too enjoys the quiet time by/with himself, excited to explore and pursue ideas, and make them into amazing things, that later others can benefit from. The quiet nights and solitary sunrises was an amazing and energetic time for Steve, and all his efforts were rewarded on the night of June 29, 1975, around 10:00 p.m. when he finished building the prototype and the screen came alive.

In moments like these, many people would want to celebrate with friends, family, but Steve preferred solitude.

Reading this, reinforced once more the belief that my very often solitary path (due to my work, though invisible for many), is not something to feel weird about it, or feel like I am missing out on life. Instead, I should celebrate that. I should be proud of that. And feel good about myself, cause as in doing so, whatever I create and later share with others, does have an impact. One that transcends my limited vision from up here, from this level of reality.

So what's this book about? Well, it's about showing you that a quiet/introvert temperament is in fact a superpower. The book reminds us that we shouldn't shy away from who we are, but cultivate and expand those gifts and that power. As many introverts accomplish incredible things, because of their solitary/quiet temperaments, and not in spite of that.

Before I end this post I will leave you with a few highlights from the Introvert Manifesto:


"1. A quiet temperament is a hidden superpower.


 2. There's a word for "people who are in their heads too much": thinkers.


 3. Most great ideas spring from solitude.


 4. You can stretch like a rubber band. You can do anything an extrovert can do, including stepping into the spotlight. There will always be time for quiet later.


 5. But even though you'll need to stretch on occasion, you should return to your true self when you're done."


-Susan Cain ("Quiet Power")



until next time, be kind with each other and yourself,



text/photo © 2016 Ana-Maria Theis

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  • #1

    Raluca Joy (Wednesday, 29 June 2016 09:48)

    Great post like always ;) !! Thanks for all the reminders..I agree with you/the author 100%..I'll search for this book as well to read it . 'Till then fill your solitude space with divine inspiration <3!

  • #2

    anamariatheis (Wednesday, 29 June 2016 10:04)

    Thank you!!! I will definitely buy the first one as well. And the same for you!!! <3!