What a VAST and fascinating concept IDENTITY is… Life is moving at an ever increased pace, each day, each moment. As if nothing can STAND in ITS WAY. Like a TSUNAMI that mercilessly washes away/dislocates everything and everyone that comes in contact with. That’s what ASCENSION is/does in many ways; now at an alarming high rate. It’s something that doesn’t make sense for most people. It’s downright FRIGHTENING; because it’s severs the ties with the old world/reality, and as a result, forces one to break out of the little box of I/I AM. The small I, the small IDENTITY from "down here" is being forced out. It's being PURGED..

For the longest time, biologically speaking, humanity was split into two main groups: women and men. With those two groups, we have lived/created life. We have told/created/experienced STORIES OF LIFE (aka HISTORY). Throughout TIME (as the ENERGY was being REACCRETED), we have added/subtracted all sort of BELIEFS/MEANINGS to each group, and/or in relation to the other. ALL this—the good and the bad—had generated GROWTH/EVOLUTION, but most importantly has made life INTERESTING.

Moments of Human HISTORY. (Art Museum - Philadelphia)

We have now reached a TIME (a high-enough level of energy being reaccreted), when one can understand/SEE past that. Energetically, we are CLOSING THE GAP in awareness that we are somehow just one or the other. That we are SEPARATE.


YOU are a face of SOURCE, using a STRUCTURE/LIFE DESIGN to experience itself in various roles, from various perspectives.


The blurring of the lines between these two main opposites, is happening for quite some time now, as increasingly more and more people experience (openly or not), some type of gender dilemma/identity. There are so many variations. SO MANY!!! Whether this refers to a sexual preference (also, there is the WIDE sexual-asexual in-between to consider), or how simply one REALLY FEELS LIKE INSIDE (what kind they express). This is no longer something negligible. It’s HERE to STAY. It announces/introduces the next level of REALITY/LIFE, that goes beyond the STRICT BINARY reality/life/AWARENESS humanity has experienced. Ultimately, this is a GREAT SIGN. 

Moments of Human HISTORY, through ARTS/CRAFTS. (Art Museum - Philadelphia)

We TRULY are witnessing the DAWN of a new ERA, of a GREATER UNDERSTANDING of our TRUE NATURE, which is far more EXPANDED/COMPLEX/SOPHISTICATED.


For now, humanity is continuing the journey of moving through/beyond FEAR. It’s NOT easy or pleasant. One needs to have courage, ENERGY, to see beyond it. And when you are at your lowest (now and then), just remember this: Beyond fear, there is TRUTH. There is LOVE. Forever.


until next time, be kind to yourself and others,💖💖💖



 text/photo © 2022 Ana-Maria Theis 

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    Raluca Joy (Friday, 01 April 2022 23:13)

    Beautiful post and pictures ���! Thank you for writing and posting it ���.

  • #2

    anamariatheis (Friday, 01 April 2022)

    @ Raluca Joy,
    Thank you Raluca!!!�� Happy magical spring ahead!!!�✌✨���

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    Raluca Joy (Monday, 04 April 2022 23:57)

    Thank you, sisteranya <3! You too have a magical spring ahead xxx!

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    Dani (Tuesday, 05 April 2022 04:44)

    Finally someone says it out loud.
    I needed your IDENTITY vid. It was sort of over due! � And what a valuable, accompanying blog entry this is. Right when my head felt like it would pop off and poof confetti everywhere, you came to the rescue… to share & explain. Transformation is baffling yet exciting. ✨✨✨�✨✨✨

  • #5

    anamariatheis (Monday, 11 April 2022 04:30)

    @ Dani,
    Thank you Dani!!!�� Really happy, that it was helpful/validating to you!!!���✨� These aren't exactly easy times, but we just have to do our best to live in the TRUTH of who/what we are to express more of the "higher" parts. Indeed, baffling yet exciting!!!��� much love to you, too!!!����✨�