02. February 2024
It really is, one of the greatest challenges of this time (not to mention in past times) to overcome, on the way to TRUE FREEDOM.
10. March 2023
We pretend we are ok. But we are NOT. Deep wounds (in our minds, in our DNA) divide us. Such as: Historical wounds—either true or false (counterfeit) claims over something, over some type of event or another. We don’t respect each other for real. How could we respect each other for real, as long as we continuously exist in fear…?
27. January 2023
Even though in its early days, make no mistakes: this is a NEW ERA. A new era in AWARENESS. But if you’ve been “down here” for quite some time now, you might already feel lost, tired, exhausted, to identify that; because of what you see, what you experience. You are not ALONE. This isn’t an easy journey.
24. November 2022
One of the most common and debilitating issues of our current times, is something called IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. The causes, the reasons for why this is showing up in most people’s lives, remains for most, still a mystery. So how did we get here? How has this thing been created? It starts in the family. When the parent doesn’t recognize, or refuses to recognize the AUTONOMY/AUTHORITY of the CHILD over one’s mind. Especially, when the child already displays (a great deal of) DISCERNMENT about...
31. March 2022
What a VAST and fascinating concept IDENTITY is… Life is moving at an ever increased pace, each day, each moment. As if nothing can STAND in ITS WAY. Like a TSUNAMI that mercilessly washes away/dislocates everything and everyone that comes in contact with. That’s what ASCENSION is/does in many ways; now at an alarming high rate. It’s something that doesn’t make sense for most people. It’s downright FRIGHTENING; because it’s severs the ties with the old world/reality, and as a...
17. June 2021
Forgiveness. Seems like such an easy thing to do… Only, it’s not. Especially, when one experiences THINGS/EVENTS far, far, far beyond his/her level of mental/emotional tolerance and is being pushed not just over the proverbial edge, but sent into zones where you feel like your soul is breaking, like your entire being is being shattered into millions of tiny bits. (Talking from experience here.) What to do then? What do you do, when you don’t think it’s possible to forgive others (or/and...
20. November 2020
A common misconception, when it comes to romantic love, is that somehow the sexual union represents TRUE/ultimate Intimacy. Actually, “down here,” and in most cases, things could not be further from the true. Abuse, sexual misery, domestic violence (mostly towards women)—still very common around the world—and empty sexual encounters, is more like the actual reality.
28. April 2020
We live through TRULY EXTRAORDINARY TIMES. And good and bad, are both included in the mix. What is taking place at this very moment, is an important DEMARCATION Point. Certain uncomfortable TRUTHS can't be denied anymore. They just showed up as if unannounced, yet, they were foretold, only to be ignored continuously by most until now.
09. April 2019
...Because it's the LIGHT that is guiding us through and out of the DARKNESS...
For quite some time now, in the "spiritual universe," one of the most common/prevalent ideas is that: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. Which is TRUE. However, (and now comes the big BUT) the thing you want to do/achieve/experience is in direct correlation with your current level of energy/awareness. And that can lead to all sort of things... Good things, as well as less than that-which is the case most of the time. And now comes the big question. Why is that? ...Because this idea...
27. February 2018
I guess the subject of knowing oneself remains even today, something enveloped in deep mystery. One important cause being that knowing oneself is actually an ongoing process, that changes with every new thought that alters the definitions you have about yourself, about your identity. Although the very essence behind all of these definitions is UNCHANGEABLE. Which is another paradox.

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