Forgiveness. Seems like such an easy thing to do… Only, it’s not. Especially, when one experiences THINGS/EVENTS far, far, far beyond his/her level of mental/emotional tolerance and is being pushed not just over the proverbial edge, but sent into zones where you feel like your soul is breaking, like your entire being is being shattered into millions of tiny bits. (Talking from experience here.) What to do then? What do you do, when you don’t think it’s possible to forgive others (or/and yourself), because that space doesn’t exist inside you? What then? How do you put yourself back together and create that space of forgiveness? How do you forgive when you don’t want to, anymore?

There is magic everywhere...
There is magic everywhere...

The great news is that NOTHING REALLY MATTERS. REALLY!!! But to get from a point of being completely shattered and not feeling solid anymore, to feel the TRUTH of those words, to experience that truth, there is a MIGHTY GAP. (One that is not easily crossed at lower levels of energy/reality.)


Forgiveness is then a journey of SURRENDER. A Surrendering to the pain/grief inside. You have to be open to undertake a journey inside your being that will take you to the deepest wounds/scars, to the deepest DARKNESS. Where not only will you have to confront the “monsters,” but you’ll have to conquer them as well, in order to gain your FREEDOM.


It’s a journey that can take many, many years before those things are cleared/released, especially when the wounds have been so deep. It takes TIME (or energy accretion) to dislodge a massive structure of pain into smaller, more manageable bits to be processed, until one day you are READY (meaning: you have built enough energy inside) to release it completely.

For some, this might take their entire life… However, the other good news is that now there is more energy available than ever before. All that is required, is that you CONSTANTLY go in there and see what can be dealt with, cleared daily. In every moment actually.

Life is MAGIC...

Also, Forgiveness is not just about forgiving the past (large/important issues), but all that is coming your way, all the time… It’s the life that is happening in every moment, and some moments feel like they block your natural flow of being/openness/energy. They are placed on your path to help you grow. You have to be able to discern in each moment what is what and clear it out of your way.


This is not an easy journey… This is an endurance/persistence voyage. One that will ultimately will set you FREE. And beyond that point, MAGIC awaits.



until next time, be kind to yourself and others,💖💖💖



 text/photo © 2021 Ana-Maria Theis 


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    Raluca (Tuesday, 29 June 2021 22:04)

    Beautiful blog post with great info/ images/reminders.. .and, of course in sync with your video �! Much love to your and your readers ������✨����!

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    Marina (Friday, 02 July 2021 16:50)

    Hello Ana. I am looking for your advice or clue. Somehow I have overwhelming feeling that I have “to do the work” for others. But I don’t know how to do it better. Sometimes I do the work for my friends and family members without their awareness when I see they struggle with smth. And it magically helps. But I feel that to help only them is not enough and I have to do smth for others. People in my country and particularly in my city (Moscow) are in fear. They threatened with jab oblige, health issues, all kind of restrictions etc. Our government took strong inhuman course since may. You know what I mean. And I can’t stay away observing and saving just myself. The question is - how can I help to the bigger amount of people? I tried to do the work for people in Moscow (in general) but It was impossible to indicated certain emotions and beliefs - too many multidirectional thoughts and fears. I tried to let them go through me to clean but I felt It would blow me up before. Of course I am not clean also but often when I start to do the work for myself there is no energy available and smth redirect me to others and energy comes.

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    anamariatheis (Wednesday, 07 July 2021 02:47)

    @Raluca Thank you Raluca!!!��� Indeed, they are connected!� lots of love and sunshine/magic wherever you are and whatever you are doing!!! ����✨����

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    anamariatheis (Wednesday, 07 July 2021 03:05)

    @Marina Hello Marina!!!�� Great to hear from you again!!!��� Thank you for sharing a bit of your struggles/worries/concerns. Just know, that you are not alone in that.�� However, because energetically things have changed even more, trying to go back and "fix" things with the old mind doesn't work. I understand your worries/concerns/etc. oh, so well (they used to be mine as well), but know that the only and truly way you can help others, is by helping YOURSELF FIRST!!! �� Though, it sounds cruel/selfish, it's not. Only when we, ourselves are cleaner, and able to express more light/energy/power, only then can we truly help others. Only when we have enough energy for ourselves and our personal challenges/obstacles that we must clear/overcome/transcend, plus some extra energy (space for others, other things) then, doing some extra cleaning work for others which won't deplete us constantly, can be done. And can be done more efficiently. That's the simple truth.� In the end everyone, has to do their own part. It's true also, that the higher/highest light helps to light/illuminate what's bellow it. But one must be perfectly conscious, of his/her own level of energy/awareness/power (in each moment) to know how to use it best. To be able to help one has to have the "means"/the capacity to do certain "jobs" at various levels of complexity/intensity/etc. So just focus on you for now. You need to become cleaner/lighter/stronger/etc. first. Hope this makes sense!!! lots of love and sunshine and magic on your path as well!!!������✨���