Why is so hard to escape the VICTIM Space?

It really is, one of the greatest challenges of this time (not to mention in past times) to overcome, on the way to TRUE FREEDOM.


Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York
Metropolitan Museum of Art-New York

Where lies the PROBLEM? In the UNCONSCIOUSNESS. In the part of our awareness that we don’t have direct access to. In the part that we don’t have conscious control over it.

When one is not in control over one’s mind (not just the conscious part, but rather all the other layers that are not apparent at this level of energy/awareness and how they actually work), somebody else is “directing the show” instead. And that is the DISTORTION.



The DISTORTION doesn’t care about FAIRNESS. Its sole purpose is to operate in a manner that makes sure the DESIGN/agenda behind it gets implemented or/and reinforced. It will use anything and anyone, anywhere, anytime. The GATEWAY is: THE UNCONSCIOUNESS (the unconscious space inside ourselves). And down here, there is a lot of that…

How does that happen? The Distortion will exploit every detail, every aspect, every wound that’s part of someone’s make up (the emotional/mental/physical space). And when it’s time for a certain action/event to happen (something usually bad/hurtful) it will seem that the IGNORANCE of the one doing that HURTFUL THING/action/word(s)/etc. is INTENTIONAL.


This is the GREATEST TRAP for the MIND.

That’s why is so hard to forgive at times, certain acts.



Hence the famous words from Jesus: “Forgive them Father for they don’t know what they are doing.” Which only mean that one is not fully conscious/aware of the REAL REALITY behind the acts/events down here. 

That’s how the DISTORTION keeps most minds entangled in endless cycles of HURT and implicitly BLAME-or Victim/Victimizer. Because the PERCEPTION is distorted at both ends; for the one doing the HURTFUL THING, as well as for the one at the receiving end.

So, why is so HARD to exit that SPACE? Because of the apparent INTENTIONALITY of the action/thing that has created the hurt, which is very POWERFUL (as in the energy behind it). It’s hard, almost impossible at times, because of the narrow space—low energy/awareness/frequency band—characteristics. Which doesn’t allow for full comprehension of why something is being said/done. What’s the real cause, who or what is behind it.


What’s the SOLUTION? Getting out of that space involves a lot of CLEANING WORK. We can’t escape that. The MAIN PURPOSE of this WORK is to DISSOLVE those invisible barriers/filters, to get rid of the BALAST that blocks the LIGHT, the TRUTH. And implicitly, to cultivate/grow DISCERNMENT.


Only when one has CLEANED ENOUGH, one can then start to GLIMPSE the TRUTH and even find space to FORGIVE (drop the matter entirely). Or, in the beginning, just temporarily (which translates as scattered moments of high clarity—higher awareness), until the TRUTH (the REAL REALITY) settles in. Until one fully lives from that space.


As one CLEARS a lot of TRASH (from inside) one becomes stronger, more CONSCIOUS of one’s patterns/behavior/triggers and what’s behind them. But also, will grow more sensitive/aware of other’s “INCORRECT”/UNCONSCIOUS behaviors. Which in turn, will make one discover all of the sudden, a lot DIRT around. Will make one see how SKEWED and limited this world and our day-to-day INTERACTIONS really are.



At the same time, this new acquired space in awareness, will show you how to conduct yourself in a way that doesn’t trigger even more the DISTORTION in yourself or others. And although that’s not easy, however, in time, with a lot of practice/patience, one becomes more efficient at navigating through this “mined field” down here.

What NOT to do? Unconsciously dump your own DIRT on others—as in the weight of the pain/blame/etc. one carries inside. And vice versa, one (especially those that are very empathic) should work on becoming aware of how not to take on themselves unconsciously, unnecessarily, the weight of the pain of others. We all need the same space to clean, to become stronger, and implicitly—gradually, until fully—immune to the relentless attacks of the DISTORTION. That doesn’t mean that we don’t help each other anymore. No. It only means that from now on we will do things differently than how we did them in the past.


Either way through our own codes (depending on what codes one has) we have the ability to process/clear trash from our bloodlines and/or more. But, this is/will be done in safe and smart way.

It’s all about SAFETY, about being smart! For all parts involved.


In time people will learn the RIGHT (safe) boundaries, on how to ask for help, how to receive it, and how to do this cleaning workwhich everyone has to do it for themselves. The CLEANING Work, is how one becomes stronger and aware of one’s power and how things work.



Of course, beyond that, there is more. So much more.


until next time, be kind to yourself and others,💖💖💖




 text/photo © 2024 Ana-Maria Theis

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  • #1

    Raluca Joy (Friday, 02 February 2024 22:58)

    This is such a great blog post/article with a lot of great and useful stuff and (very) relevant to all of us. Thank you for writing it and adding these beautiful photos to it <3. I know this is quite a sensitive topic but, it's so very true when it comes to DISTORTION and how does this operates. Thank you for sharing your insights, wisdom and knowledge. We're forever grateful for YOUR hard work behind the scenes <3 ! Prietenii stiu dc :P....Lots of love and hugs to you <3!

  • #2

    anamariatheis (Saturday, 03 February 2024 02:52)

    Thank you Raluca, for reading it, and really happy that it's helpful to you!!!<3 It really is a sensitive topic, yet a very common one. That suffocate the lives of most(if not all) people, in various degrees. Like I said, in time, as more will truly wake up, will become conscious of the work that needs to be done (which I've been talking/writing about for many, many years now...). Anyways, we all have to do what we need to do, in order to move thing beyond fear/paralysis state. Lots of love and magic year ahead!!! <3 <3 <3

  • #3

    Raluca Joy (Saturday, 03 February 2024 13:41)

    so so true ...I couldn't agree with you more <3. Thank you again for writing this blog post and explaining it so well for all of us to understand it better <3. Yes, we all need to clean and clean some more :D..prietenii stiu de ce :P. Lots of love and magic to you too for the rest of our lives <3 <3 <3!

  • #4

    anamariatheis (Sunday, 04 February 2024 00:09)

    @ Raluca Joy,
    Indeed!!!�❤️ More love and magic and courage for you too!!! <3 <3 <3

  • #5

    Irina Joy InAir (Monday, 05 February 2024 10:41)

    What a beautiful piece-blog post this is, dear Ana-Maria...thank you for all the effort to bring this Aliveness to the screen worlds, internet!

    For a moment I chose to focus just on the pictures...connecting with you via Architecture-Design-Building-FengShui interdimensional pathways

    I love-love-love all the glass furniture, glass shelving...why has that not been the standard for regular people? why so much wood, heavy furniture (~host for dead stagnant energy...)...
    Across my travels I also took pictures of glass shelving, and always notice it when it shows up in my field...it is something I am inviting in my future space...glass shelving-furniture=transparency, 5D, liteness

  • #6

    Irina Joy InAir (Monday, 05 February 2024 10:51)

    Speaking on 'dumping one's emotional-energetic garbage on others /wherever', it is beyond words how here in the country of birth of our flesh bodies, people at large dump 3d physical garbage everywhere...waters, rivers, city or village trails, etc ...'anything that is not my turf is fair ground to dump my shit' seems to be amping up in the collective field

    There is a creek by which I often walk, and the other day there was a new blockage on the river, literally a mountain of plastic bottles+waste...I felt deeply the pain of the ecosystem, as lots and lots of trees on the borders of the creek have been cut lately too

  • #7

    anamariatheis (Monday, 05 February 2024 20:19)

    @Irina Joy InAir,
    Hello in here as well Irina!!!❤️ Thank you, it means a lot to hear that!!! ❤️It's great that you could focus on/connect with Architecture-Design Path. Because for me that's my natural environment. In this Abstract Space (the Emptiness that gives birth to all that is) I am free, I am safe. It's a space of CLARITY, that I take with me, everywhere I go, and in whatever I do.
    It's interesting to see that you also resonate with light(ness) structures. They are part of me as well. I know a lot of people complain about too much glass...not me. haha... Though, all (different materials/structures) has it's place (in the right proportions/context) at a particular point in energy expression (or time). But, glass, and all those light/transparent/translucent/new materials and structure offer the mind space to expand beyond limitations. This, of course done in concert with the CLEANING WORK. Then, this (LIGHTNESS) makes even more sense.

    As for CLEANING, also not dumping dirt on others (in various ways)...it's process. Everywhere there is a lot IGNORANCE (caused by the narrow band, by the Distortion). So the change with ourselves, and offering it as a constant example (emitting it out there) for the rest (or another way for "holding the grid/light"). Hope this makes sense. More love and magic on your path!!! ❤️❤️❤️