Manifesting what exactly?

We all (at least the people on this path) heard about the Law of Attraction, about its power and the mechanism of manifestation. And that's a wonderful thing. A useful, practical and empowering tool. Though, in the rush of "fixing" our lives from this perspective, most of us will not take into account a HIGHER ORDER of things. Which demands a different course of action. A different mindset.

By the way, that's what I've been seeing a LOT lately: RAIN.

As I was mentioning a few times before (either in my videos, or in other blog posts), this is a reality that has been damaged, long, long time ago (many times, in fact). The immense loss of energy, has generated all sorts of problems, among them being the loss of our memory. Especially the memory of WHO we are, and the POWER we have.

    As more healing occurs, as the energy rises, humanity is being exposed to all kinds of teachings and practices (mostly fragmented, distorted, with or without ill intent - a result of the lack of energy). Among these is the Law of Attraction. Which has become very popular, yet, highly misunderstood and misused.

    One thing should be clear: "Spiritual Path" is a PATH TO FREEDOM. A way to remember WHO  and WHAT we are. When we understand THAT, all these little pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Naturally.


Lots of tea and golden thoughts, to keep myself HAPPY and warm inside.

So how should we use this mighty tool, you might ask? The answer would be: that depends where you are in life. Where you are in energy. What your level of healing is. And if you are at a point where you understand that you are actually looking for FREEDOM, then you know THINGS work quite differently from a higher-energy perspective. You recognize a HIGHER PURPOSE at work.

    When you KNOW you are walking the PATH TO FREEDOM, wanting to manifest/create things that reinforce a lower state of energy/reality, creates CONFLICT. It becomes INCOMPATIBLE. You only PROLONG your SUFFERING. The AGONY.

    Instead, you are asked to DENY the present REALITY. You can't split your focus, and expect that you'll access a HIGHER REALITY. You have to make a conscious effort to SEE ANOTHER REALITY. The sight of ONE is possible, because you have DENIED the OTHER. Sure, walking BETWEEN is possible. But that's not fully immersing yourself in one. EACH of these realities, are EXISTING on different frequency bands. Like radio/TV stations.

    For example: if you want to watch let's say "Channel 1," you switch (tune in) to that channel. You can't see other channels in the same time. Well, unless you have interferences/an overlay. Or a device that can display multiple channels on the main screen. But that's another story.

As per usual, at night, out to find some MAGIC. ;-)

To spare yourself frustration, as well as, other unpleasant feelings, you should also know, that on this path, you might not get what the YOU (from down here) asks.

    SOURCE will ALWAYS give you all those things that DON'T BLOCK the way to LIGHT. 

    SOURCE supplies everything we need for as long as we have need of them. As everything is temporary, and lasts until we step aside from all the needs, and learn that ALL of THEM have been FULFILLED.

    SOURCE won't let your needs have you linger in time.

    SOURCE won't delay your return HOME.


   And before I end, try to remember this: THE TRUTH IS TRUE and SIMPLE. 



until next time, be kind to yourself and others,



text/photo © 2017 Ana-Maria Theis

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    Raluca (Thursday, 01 June 2017 01:33) always in all ways. Thank you, again for sharing with us your insights! Lots of love, light and divine inspiration !

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    anamariatheis (Thursday, 01 June 2017 01:41)

    @ Raluca,

    Thank you!!! You too! ;-) Lots of love back!!!<3<3<3

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    Rahul (Friday, 02 June 2017 22:54)

    Thanks for being you.

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    anamariatheis (Saturday, 03 June 2017 22:21)

    @ Rahul,

    Thank you Rahul! Idem!!! ;-)