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24. June 2016
Almost a year ago, something completely unexpected, yet wonderful entered my life. That thing is CODING. And you probably wonder how that happened. I myself still am in awe of how that came to be. By the way, a while ago, actually right in the early beginning of my coding journey I made a video called GIRLS WHO CODE on my main Youtube channel telling you all about it. So I was thinking, that it was time to give you an update. In the form of a blog post, for sure in the future, I will make a...
05. January 2015
Lately I go through a lot of interesting things...and changes. And it's funny, and ironic how I end up finding explanations from places and people I've visited before. More like a reminder that I'm on the right path. And that I should just relax and enjoy the synchronicities. Because innately I do those things either way, especially when I lose the fear and detach myself from the outside.