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24. June 2016
Almost a year ago, something completely unexpected, yet wonderful entered my life. That thing is CODING. And you probably wonder how that happened. I myself still am in awe of how that came to be. By the way, a while ago, actually right in the early beginning of my coding journey I made a video called GIRLS WHO CODE on my main Youtube channel telling you all about it. So I was thinking, that it was time to give you an update. In the form of a blog post, for sure in the future, I will make a...
07. September 2014
About three weeks ago, had to go to Berlin to take care of some things regarding the moving process. That gave me the opportunity to visit a dear friend (Mihaela) and have together lunch at "La Mano Verde". For those of you who don't know, this is a Raw vegan Restaurant set in the heart of Berlin.