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Christic Codes by Ana-Maria Theis

Christic Codes

by Ana-Maria Theis

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Christic Codes

Release date: Sep 11, 2015
Hello everyone,

My name is Ana-Maria Theis, author of "Christic Codes." I am happy to announce that I will be giving away another 3 copies of my book. All signed and with a personal dedication. I really hope the book ends in the hands of those that will truly appreciated for what it is.

Have a fabulous month!!!

Book description:

Ascension is REAL, therefore DANGEROUS if you try to break the chains of this limited distorted REALITY…
Inside ourselves we carry the answers to everything. Ariana is one of those People on this planet, with her physical Ascension capabilities still intact. Living basically a double life, she is trying to navigate between a normal type of existence where she is an architect, living in a foreign country, while dodging seen and unseen forces, meant to eliminate her and her potential for change of paradigm.
There are PEOPLE/BEINGS and ORGANIZATIONS out there meant to keep everyone in the dark, submissive, easy to manipulate. THEY don’t want that you FREE YOURSELF from this PRISON OF THE MIND and SOUL.

Wake up before it’s too late…

The REVOLUTION IN CONSCIOUSNESS has begun…now it’s time for a real Ascension Path story.

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