Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!!! I don't know how it was for you last year, but for me, it was a storm. Change after change, after change after change...

I won't go again into all the details of the past year, you can see me talking about those things in the last Video of 2014 on my main YouTube channel. But instead I will talk/write about something else.

About synchronicities, about messages that I receive from Source/my Guides, encouraging me to stay on the path I am currently on. And they are constant and come in all sorts of forms and places...not to mention in the most unexpected moments. 

One in particular blew my mind, because of the circumstance I've encountered it.

So on the 29th of December, after having a stressful day, due to car purchasing process and of course having to meet a budget.... Anyways Long Story short, we got a car, and afterwards went to our local grocery shop to stock up for a few days plus kind of in a hurry, 'cause I was expecting guests for dinner. So we went through the aisles as fast as we could, grabbing ingredients for my scrumptious vegan Pizza...hahaha or at least this is how our friend Chris described it.

At the cashier, looking in my wallet to get my card to pay for the groceries, my eyes caught a piece of folded paper on the floor. For some reason, I thought this could be mine. Something that fell out of my bag. I picked it up and unfolded. And only read the title. And this voice in my head said "take the paper with you and read it when you get home." No hesitation whatsoever, I did just that.

When I got home and I finally had time to unwind, which was later, much later, after my guests left, I read it.

The content on that page, was nothing short of synchronistic. I will relay down here most of what was written on that piece of paper. To be exact, those things that stroke a chord with me. Things that were fitting my situation. Probably yours too. So this is for you. You, whoever you are, and find yourself reading this blog post.

So here it is:



Every great quest begins with a single step.

And you-yes, you-are just the person to take it.


Chances are, there's something you'd love to do if only you weren't so scared. You'd become a midwife or climb a mountain-or just stop trying so hard to be agreeable all the time. If only you were a courageous person! Somebody who wouldn't hesitate to take a swing at a dragon, even as its fiery breath singed her brows.

The thing is, you are telling yourself a story right now, and it's a story with surprising twist:"Everybody is afraid at times."...

"In fact it's not a courageous action if you aren't afraid."

Another plot twist: Just as everyone is afraid, everyone is brave. But we suffer from "courage blindness,"...

"People forget mundane acts of courage, like moving to another state or even getting married,"..."Yet if you can take stock of your past bravery and make it part of your identity, you may find it easier to face something intimidating."

Because we know you're bold enough, we're sending you on a quest to do the thing you think you can't.

First you'll cast off your courage blinders to discover the ways in which you're already brave. Then  you'll find sage advice, magic spells, and a plan for your journey, so you can finally slay the beast and get to the thing you want most. It's the surest way to live happily ever after.


Until next time, enjoy life and be kind with each other,



p.s. Have a great, magic filled year and life in 2015!!!


text/photo © 2015 Ana-Maria Theis

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    Sisteranya (Sunday, 04 January 2015 00:11)

    Yeap, that note/message is for sure a keeper ..2015 is the year we are called to take action!! What can I say...we live interesting we must keep our faith otherwise we loose touch with the other realms :)

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    anamariatheis (Sunday, 04 January 2015 00:26)

    True! Definitely something striking there. But then again I'm not surprised by it. Just its apparition was really surprising...:)