The City of "Nuts for Nuts"

Yeah. I know sounds funny, and true. But the "Nutsfornuts" bit is actually something to eat. Very popular at almost any street vendor in New York.

As the sign in the photo is indicating, it's pretty clear where I am. Fifth Avenue. Less smelly. More fancy, high-end stores/shops. Still lots, and lots, and lots...of people and noisy cars.

We were heading down to Empire State Building. To cross it off our to-visit list. So touristy of us...:)

Couldn't help but immortalize this display window. Always love some good Fashion.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the facade/entrance of Michael Kors' store. I liked the idea that although obviously the previous function of this space had something to do with France (liberte, egalite, fraternite) and the whole Statue of Liberty thing, they used this low relief composition and luxuriously covered it in golden paint. And the result is nothing short of cool.

Right. So this is the lateral part of the facade. Michael Kors store.

As an avid reader and book lover, would have been completely disrespectful, not to show you the New York Public Library. At least from the outside. Didn't have time that day to see what this place has to offer on the inside. I'm sure...a lot. Next time.

I'm guessing this is a very popular meet up point. And as any other landmark in New York, is full of tourists. Me included. :)

And here we are. Finally here! On top of the World! I mean on top of the Empire State Building. Mission accomplished. And this photo cost us nothing. Not like the one on the inside, where they take your picture  with the Empire State Building in the background, and if you like it you buy it on your way out. It's 22$, if I recall correctly. We didn't buy it cause we didn't like it. It looked so artificial and it was 22 freakin' dollars. Inside the building, before you go up to the top, there is this tour through it. There are exhibitions about the the history of this place, its structure, and how this giant applies different technologies to stay "green".

Unfortunately that day, when we were up there, we weren't lucky enough to have a clear view of the City.

Yes. Foggy and grey. Well thank that to the industry around New York...

I couldn't end this blog post, without showing you this. On your way out at the entrance you'll see this on  the exit wall. Something to ponder upon. After all, New York is the Empire State, and this is the Empire State Building.


until next time, enjoy life, and be kind with each other!


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