The City where anything is possible...

Less than a month ago, I moved house. That involved (still does...not done yet) a very elaborate Operation, which meant I moved continents. So, yes, right now I live in the US. I will write about this adventure in other Posts. The object of this one, is NEW YORK.

When we arived in the US, we stayed one night in New York City (Manhattan), near Time Square. The Hotel we stayed in is called ROW NYC. Which is quite an expansive one. A room with a view of the City cost us 390 $ (around 300 euros). yeah...a lot. You can go check it out on my vlog channel(

And let me tell you something, for this Money, in Europe you expect a lot. Obviously not the case here. The only Thing that I couldn't complain about, was the bed. Which was good, and helped me have a good night rest...partially interrupted by a phone call from Vodafone, who  decided to bother me again... Another story for another time....

As design goes, the room was clean, minimalistc as I like it. But this was not the issue here. This Hotel is supposed to be high-end. At least that's what the Lobby's vibe emanates. But when you look closely, at all of the details (and I'm an I do care about that) you see the that most things are based on cheap improvisations, poorly executed finishes, combined with a horrible smell that is impregnated in everything and everywhere.... The scent of NEW YORK City. Pee and filth. Lovely...

Of course we  don't love New York because it's the cleanest city in the world. Because obviously it's not.  But that stench....had me wanting to burn my clothes and wash myself in a pristine spring, to make sure I get rid of it.

That disgusting smell combined with the weird vibe I felt once we've entered the City, and even before that...I felt like I landed in an alternate universe, where New York sucked. hahaha...

I don't know if I can describe this Feeling accurately. But the energy of the place was a shady/slimy one.

Of course I told myself. "You've just landed. And you're tired, and haven't slept right for days if not weeks. So let's see how that feels in the morning."

And so I did. When we woke up, we left our luggage at the Hotel to pick up our car rental, a few streets further from our Hotel. Of course the smell didn't go away. It followed us everywhere, like an unwanted ghost.

But enough with the complaints and let's talk about some positive stuff too.

That day we didn't do much except buy some smoothies and some fruit salads and headed to New Jersey, to our new place.

The next day, when we returned the car we spent the day in New York City. we wandered the streets and got to check "visit Empire State Building" off of our to-do list.

If you are a vegan/vegetarian, one of the good things about New York, is that you'll find basically everywhere a Juice/smoothie bar. Even the Pizza places sell smoothies and fresh juices. So for me, that was great. Not cheap though. A middle size cup is around 5-6 $. But it's worth it. A granola bar/cake at Dvida place we went, was 4,5$ a piece. The ones we had were really delicious.

You can find The Dvida Health Bar at the Worldwide Plaza. A small oasis in the middle of the very busy and noisy City(49 West Street, close to 8th Avenue).


Until next time, enjoy life,



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    Sisteranya (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 22:26)

    What's interesting about life and universal laws in that when we badly want a "thing" (can be an object, to get to a location, anything )we don't get to experience that immediately cause it's not "materialized" yet or is in the process of making. Anyway when we finally get it...then something spectacular happens...we don't connect anymore with that "dream"/"object"'s like more an egoic wish than a soulfoul wish. I don't know exactly how to put it into words...but I know u get it.

  • #2

    anamariatheis (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:55)

    what happened to me, was that I already let go of that dream
    long time ago. So it wasn't in my plans anymore. But obviously
    I was suppose to get here, but having a very different perspective.
    I think that's what you're referring to. And I know what you mean.

  • #3

    Sisteranya (Wednesday, 15 October 2014 09:32)

    exactly :)