I took a stand

Dear Alnatura Magazine,

I will write this in English, because when I am really upset, I can’t and don’t want to express myself in German. I need my freedom.

My name is Ana-Maria Theis, and I am a regular customer of Alnatura, a fellow raw vegan, and Romanian.

Why do I write to you? Because, I thought, Alnatura(as firm, corporation, identity, etc.) wouldn’t go so low. I am referring here to a very specific thing. An article in your latest issue of  Alnatura Magazine, called “Seismograf der Straße”, where you make 3 people heroes(locals and I’m sure these people mean well…not debating that) at the expense of  other countries, which you people consider poor, and uncivilized…and whatever else your prejudices your own main stream media propaganda tells you that it is the truth.


I came to this country almost 7 years ago, not because I needed, or even really wanted. It had to do with my personal life back then(my personal relationship, my Ex-Romanian scientist who came do a PhD here in math) which ended a year after I came here, and five years of commute, and almost 10 years all together. Not going into details about that.

I’m an architect, by the way, educated and trained in Romania. So when I came here at the end of 2006, to be with my Ex, I never thought that I would have to go through what I had gone through. The discrimination, the isolation, the prejudices, the fake niceties, the fake political correctness, and all the other BS(b..ll sh..t)… which had me spiral into an ugly depression. Which ended with me dying twice… Not that I killed myself, but I lost the will to live. Literally. I saw no point in living anymore. No reason, no joy. Even though I was newly wedded, with a German, which I met, shortly after I broke up with my Ex. Anyhow . So I died of good old broken heart, in my sleep…

I came back obviously. To be honest I still don’t know exactly why. Except, maybe to make justice, and to be a voice for those who don’t feel empowered enough to speak for themselves.

After I hit rock bottom, the second time I died and came back, what brought me back to life was the fact that I became raw vegan. I was vegan before, and since ’94 I was a vegetarian. By the way I am 34 years old.

So this lifestyle helped me put my life together, as well as many other spiritual practices(which are part of my life since I was a teenager).

Throughout this time, now and then I hear, read, see stupid and exaggerated things about my country, about my people.  Another thing you have to know about me, is that I’m a really well informed individual, that knows about the inner games of this ridiculous reality (political and economical games) we call life. I am a true seeker. For truth. For the ultimate truth.

Anyhow, so when I see that we are bombarded, with tones of shit coming from international press, which is reported back again in the local media, you have to understand, that at some point, frustration, anger, resentment, builds inside ourselves.  And the need for justice, has become like the need for air to breathe. This need has grown so much in the last few years, especially in younger generations, as well in older ones. Who are sick and tired of being disrespected, being seen as second class citizens by the western materialistic oriented societies that have lost their connection with Source. With their own freakin’ soul.  And which judge others by their own limited and mechanical view of the world.

What’s even more ridiculous, if not outrageous, is that you people are really ignorant and arrogant. Of history, of things that happened to my country and the other countries that became victims of political games of the second World War. The cynical game of sharing political influence over what you call east block, between Churchill and Stalin, who basically made this agreement to be valid until the end of the war. But was never respected, and the evil Bolshevik machine went on after the war to rape my country, literally. Until Ceausescu managed in ’58 to send the Russian troops home…

When Romania was Germany’s ally,  Hitler and his men, treated my country like a servant. They used our natural resources especially oil, because without our oil Hitler wouldn’t have lasted long. We were in this alliance to get Basarabia (Rep. of Moldova today) and northern Bucovina back to the original territory of Romania (and long long time ago called DACIA). Of course we we’re screwed over, from all directions. And at the end of the second WW we paid a huge price, we shouldn’t have paid in the first place.

But who cares, right?! Nobody here in the western world is interested in actually making amends for what the big powers did to us. Germany still has a big debt to us from the second WW(that oil and other things haven’t been paid back). Ironically, another thing that Germany is responsible for through Marx and Engel is the actual Communism/Marxism doctrine, and the economical socialistic system. Which exists throughout Europe, regardless of what type form of government countries had/have since WW 2.

In fact German elite paid the Bolsheviks to develop and implement these ideas in other countries, too. So whenever I hear, or read about this communism thing in regard to us as something to shame us…. I want to throw up.  Or, I really want to get out there and demand FUCKING JUSTICE. OUT LOUD!!!! Sometimes the anger and frustration gets so thick…

There are so many things that I want to convey, and I would probably end up writing a book. Which I am either way.

You people don’t know really anything about us, except the usual  trash, which only serve one purpose, to reinforce the sense of superiority in this already very arrogant nation( I know…not everyone is the same…and I generalize….but what do you do to us?????)

You’ll never report anything about our true culture, of what my country has contributed to humanity, to history. No. That is not NEWS. That doesn’t serve the western propaganda machine.

Well let me give a few example, and then I will get to the point I was trying to make in the beginning of my letter.

Here are a few facts about Romania, which you will NEVER hear see in mainstream media, because it will break your bubble of superiority.

First, the oldest civilization in Europe, if not the world, was on the territory of my country which back then was bigger and called DACIA. The white race…comes from the Charpathians…

We are not Gypsies, and the Gypsies which now are called RRoma, and easily and on purpose mistaken for us, even though some of them have Romanian passport. This ridiculous name was given by George Soros (an American-Hungarian billionare) who actually does what it takes to discredit us(has his own agenda…), along with other external forces, because Romania is a VERY VERY rich and beautiful country—and everyone wants a piece of it. That’s why, we never, really cared for expansionism, like you people. Because we have all what we need right in our own back yard. And because of that we were the target of so many attacks, wars, battles, with Turks, Huns,  Slavs, etc. throughout the centuries, while the west was building its cities and societies(by actually raping other nations around the world) we were fighting to keep all these hordes of attackers at our borders. Because of us, Europe is still Christian.

The rape continues today with E.U. and the Bruxelles’ pit of vipers that ruin local economies, and countries through treaties, and laws that basically revoke our basic rights. Yes, of course the facade says otherwise. But these are just theatrics…for the still asleep masses. For those who are awake, like me, we can see through their bull shit, and see the real consequences of their predatorial ways and politics.

We are not poor. We are forced to allow to be continually raped. Bruxelles demands/makes sure that the foreign investors are assured that they can pay crappy salaries and make ridiculous profits. Not all companies, of course. Because not everyone is paid so low as you imagine, or what the “official” data says. As an architect, I was earning much more at home than I did here.

Back to the point I was trying to make. Those people on the streets of Hamburg, which some may come from my country too. They are on the street here, because, they left with a naivety of how things work here. Trying to get a job, or a place to stay… It’s CRAZY hard to get as a foreigner. Especially in Hamburg. Especially coming from EAST (which by the way…geographically Romania is not east, is the heart of Europe. East is Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia etc.). So these people ending up on the streets are victims of their own lack of information of how things really work here.

The system here is as cruel as everywhere else. Doesn’t give a shit about people. I dare you to switch shoes with an Ausländer, and go to a foreign land where you are not well perceived. And see how that goes…

These are unfortunately cases. And I’m sure that people from my country and from other OST Block were mentioned to reinforce again, how poor, how… I can’t find words anymore…we are. To once again reinforce this superiority image of your  “Rich Land”. I’m sure the number of Germans on the streets, being homeless, or of other nations surpasses  all these 3 examples (Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish) which were chosen to feed the propaganda. The Romanians in Germany are a little over 100000 people, which is 0,01 something percent, and usually they don’t end up on the street. These are really unfortunately case. But as I said, you don’t care for that…

I didn’t grow up on the streets, in Romania. If you go to Romania, you’ll see that actually people don’t really live on the streets, or in trees, or whatever you people might imagine. I’m sure that these unfortunately cases, have ended up on the street HERE. Because of the system, because o the discrimination, etc.

It’s really the time that everyone wakes up here and everywhere else in the world, to see what is really going on in the world, and starts to act responsibly and respectfully. Only then we can really interact with each other. Respect each other. Appreciate one another.

Now that I am at the end of my staying here in this country, I am trying really hard to appreciate all the good things that are here, because I wasn’t really allowed to be myself here, be truly respected as a human being. Yes with time, things got a little better. But not much. And I don’t intend to go through another depression just to make other people feel good about themselves. I have to be me. I have to respect my roots. My heritage. I have so much to offer as a human being, as a professional, etc. So I intend to live accordingly to my own truth.

I wish to live in a reality where this UGLINESS, doesn’t exist anymore. Until then, whenever I can, I will be the voice, for those who can’t speak /defend for themselves.

Yours truly,


p.s. here are some links with other facts about Romania that you’ll never get otherwise…






Did you know that Bucharest was the first city in the world illuminated with oil (1858) or that the first experiments of flying took place in Romania? It would be interesting to see what the most important Romanian inventions are and if these have had any impact on your life. The one below is only a very short list of the most important and most widely known inventions of Romanian origin, but the country’s inventors and engineers have contributed to the culture of the 21st century with a large number of items from plans to inventions and discoveries.

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