Dinner Time

So it was Saturday again. The day to  groceries shop for the whole week, and I realized that I had this unrefined spelt flour from Alnatura (www.alnatura.de)  sitting in my kitchen cupboard, and was being ignored. Surprisingly, this Summer, we actually have Summer in Hamburg, which is great. And somehow more good fruits and veggies are available in our supermarkets. And cheaper. Which is a big plus. So that means fruit all the way. Especially watermelons. Yay!

But going throught this moving period, I decided it was a good time to use some of the older provisions that we have.  And that was one of them. So I thought to myself...pizza!!!

Yeah. And there you have it.


I won't tease you anymore,

here is the recipe:



1kg of unrefined spelt flour

1-2 packages of fresh yeast

3-4 Tbs of olive oil

1 Tbs of pink hymalian salt


and some(a hand)of finer spelt flour


first make sure to disolve the fresh yeast with some moderately warm water until you have a more liquid type of solution.  Then mix all ingridients together until you get this nice mass of dough. Let it in a bowl (cover it with a clean table cloth, or some kitchen paper roll towels) to grow for an hour or so.


After the mass has grown, take a chunk out of it (enough to fit into your palm/fist).

Roll out the dough on a parchment paper, until it becomes even and thin. I like my dough base to be thin. Then you start playing with the toppings.

This is what I used for my pizza:

-mushrooms (thin sliced)

-spinach (I had frozen one...defrosted in advance)

-yellow onion (thin sliced)

-green onion (fine chopped)

-red and yellow bell pepper (fine chopped)

-lots of fresh basil leaves (small chopped)

-tomatoes (thin sliced) ...which I forgot to add to show you when I made the picture...sorry.

But it looks/tastes good either way.


As an extra thing for my pizza, I made some garlic paste.

and used it while serving/eating it.


mash some garlic cloves with some pink salt, and or some olive oil. and that's it.


Bon apetit!!!!

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